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Sindh pronounced  historically romanized as Sind) is one of the four provinces of Pakistan. Located in the southeastern region of the country, Sindh is the third-largest province of Pakistan by total area and the second-largest province by population after Punjab.

It shares land borders with the Pakistani provinces of Balochistan and Punjab to the north, respectively, and the Indian states of Gujarat and Rajasthan to the east; it is also bounded by the Arabian Sea to the south. 


Pre-Historic Period of Sindh pakistan

Sindh’s landscape consists mostly of alluvial plains flanking the Indus River, the Thar Desert in the eastern portion of the province along the international border with India, and the Kirthar Mountains in the western portion of the province.

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The economy of Sindh is the second-largest in Pakistan after the province of Punjab; its provincial capital of Karachi is the most populous city in the country as well as its main financial hub.

Sindh is home to a large portion of Pakistan’s industrial sector and contains two of the country’s busiest commercial seaports: Port Qasim and the Port of Karachi.

Under the banner of Mir Fateh Ali Khan Talpur, the Balochis beaten the last Kalhora sultan Mian Abdul Nabi in the battle of Halani in 1782 AD. Talpur Amirs achieved the parts of Sindh (Karachi, Khairpur, Sabzal Kot and Umar Kot) that the last

Kalhora chief had acknowledged to the adjacent emperors. By removing the overseas meddling, that had disturbed the Kalhora rule, and by their basically self-governing habit of government, the

Talpurs were smart to take people as political whole into assurance and so realized.

The British the ones who arrived in Sindh likewise as traders enhanced so effective in the rest of the substitute-chaste that in

1843 Sindh lost allure liberty dropping mug to the British imperialistic policy. The Talpurs were

beaten on the battlefields of Miani, Dubba, and Kunhera, and captured captives. The champions behaved cruelly with the subdued as they acted

accompanying the Muslim sultans in India. Charles Napier who demanded the military afterward enhanced the first Governor of the province of Sindh.

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