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Asia Cup 2022: Pakistan vs India super hit match

A masterclass from Pakistan on a slow-curving hoop aided the ruling class in routing India to secure a place in the Super Four stage of the Asia Cup 2022. India had set a 181-run goal for Pakistan in force-win willing two together crews to wait for the test. However, a ten-pin masterclass from Pakistan guaranteed that India was discharged for a meager 5 wickets, guaranteeing a win for the Men in Green by 182 runs. This is rude and fashioned by some group against a complete appendage side.

pak vs india in asia cup 2022

Naseem Shah’s double-hoop in the after second over of India’s innings aided set the color. After that, the wickets raze like beautiful attachments. The bowlers preserved on striving pressure by bestowing little scope to India to score, while orderly wickets additional pressure. It was in the 11th over that Shahab Khan accepted the last hoop completely in India’s grief.

Pakistan’s best innings

Pakistan was off to a slow start and lost leader Babar Azam after the third over and accompanying 12 runs on the board. However, Mohammad Rizwan and Fakhar Zaman’s alliance set the entertainment industry for Khushdil Shah. But unfortunately, Fakhar zaman catch out but the legendary player Muhammad Rizwan played well and made 71 runs against India. bursts in the last three were overcome.

Muhammad rizwan, asia cup 2022 pakistan vs india

But the participation had erected a powerful organization for Khushdil Shah to exploit the Indian bowlers. Mohammad Rizwan transported the sock till completion of the innings and waited untrodden on 71.

At the end of the final, Pakistan did only 4 runs in 6 balls. they have to do their runs before 1 ball is left.

finally, Pakistan won the match

India innings against Pakistan

India started with the best strike rate and run fast. The most legendary player in the world Virat Kohli has done 56 runs against Pakistan and played well. they played very well and made 181 runs against 20 overs. 

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