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Masjid Mahabat Khan


The Mahabat Khan Mosque (مہابت خان مسجد) is a 17th-century mosque in Attock, Pakistan. The mosque he built in 1630 was named after the Mughal Governor Nawab of Peshawar his Mahabat Khan bin Ali Mardan Khan. The mosque’s white marble façade is taken into consideration as one of Attock’s maximum well-known attractions.

The minaret of the Mohabat Khan Mosque became widely used all through Sikh instances to hold prisoners. five people an afternoon had been hung on the minaret rather for the gallows. After the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, refugee tribal elders accumulated at a mosque to build Afghan solidarity in opposition to the Soviets.

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The chapel is on the west side. The hall is divided into three sections and it is flanked by two high minarets. In front of the chapel are six small decorative minarets flanking the five arched entrances to the mosque. And there are also two minarets flanking six clusters. The chapel is covered by his three fluted domes. The roofline rises slightly from the outer edges towards the center by four times his height. The roofline is decorated with numerous pinnacles. The upper part of the mosque’s white marble façade is covered with cabinet or recessed moldings.

Read about the design of this Masjid Mahabat Khan

Five arched portals lead to the main chapel. The central arch is the tallest and features pointed arches typical of the Mughal style. The central arch is flanked by two slightly shorter exposed he arches designed in Persian and Central Asian styles. These arches are flanked by smaller arches decorated in a similar style. with a series of seven smaller vaulted portals placed above each arch. The central three arched portals are decorated with muqarnas over a series of seven. mini-arched portals, while the outermost arches are instead Ghalib Kali or ornamental archways.

The archway to the mosque along the upper curve. decorated with a network of stucco and plaster ribs applied to the curved surface of the mosque, is also a multicolored vegetal contrast with the green motifs of the Badshahi Mosque. adjacent to the motif. Decorated inside and out with floral motifs and Quranic calligraphy. The interior of the chapel he under three low fluted domes is eloquently painted with floral and geometric designs.

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