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Shahbaz sharef today news

The previous government is cheap, lier, and fake according to PM Shahbaz

Firstly we start talking about the latest news in Pakistan PM of Pakistan Shahbaz Sharif Talking about the previous government mainly Imran khan Niazi ” He says that Imran khan is a cheap, liar and a fake personality. He wants that Pakistan also becomes like Sri Lanka. He is the open enemy of Pakistan.”

He tried his best to send our leader in Pakistan jails. He never want to work and also want that no one should try to work for his nation Pakistan.

Imran khan's Sargodha speech for flood victims and Foreign funding

Secondly, we talking about the previous prime minister of Pakistan Imran khan says that ” We collect 500 or within 3 hours for flood victims. ” This is the real-time effort of Imran khan for the people of Pakistan. He also says that this is the way of working. He says that we collect all the money from foreign countries but mostly the money we collect from foreign Pakistanis.

He says that ” I cannot stop working for flood victims and cannot be accepted the fake government of Pakistan. I cannot scared from anyone ” 

imran khan pakistan

Flood situation in Sindh, Balochistan, and other districts of Pakistan

Now, we talking about the flood situation in Sindh and its districts. Sindh district joe is destroyed by flood water. people leave their homes and stay on road. they try their best to move flood water into blank spaces and riversides.

The heavy rain in Sindh is also a big problem for people. 100-plus villages destroy because of the flood. Many diseases appear and a large number of people are affected by them. 

Next, we talked about the Balochistan flood situation. Life is too tough because of the floods. Mothers and fathers are so helpless and shameful of their children. there is no clear water to drink. Each and everywhere water and water.

Flood-affected-people-sindh , pakistan
flood ssituation balochistan pakistan

Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa round to Dara Ismail khan for flood victims

Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa round to Dara Ismail khan for flood victims. He also meets the people who live in camps nowadays. The army tries its best for flood victims and helps every minute of life for you. Flood destroys their food, houses, and also the clothes they wear. The army chief gave them his sympathy.

Army chief Qamar javed Bajwa ,Pakistan

Dollar prices and Petrol prices in Pakistan

dollar prices in the international market are 218 rupees.  Now one dollar USD is against 220 Pakistani rupees. This is the best chance in Pakistan.

dollar in pakistan

The dollar is less price in Pakistan but the price of petrol in Pakistan cannot be changed. Today petrol is raised their price 2 rupees, the new price of petrol in Pakistan is 236 per liter.

Diesel also raised its prices in Pakistan 3 by rupees. The new price of diesel in Pakistan is 247 per liter.

light oil also raised its prices in Pakistan 11 by rupees. The new price of light oil in Pakistan is 210 per liter.

petrol price in pakistan -

Pakistan received 1 Billion and 16 Koror from IMF

Pakistan received 1 Billion and 16 Koror from IMF. They used this money for production and others things in pakistn.

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