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History of DG Khan

DG Khan is situated on the bank of the Indus River. It was founded in the 15th century and was named after Ghazi Khan Mirani, He is the son of Haji Khan Mirani who was a powerful personality.

Now we start that The independence of  Multan and those of Mirranis came to an end with the conquest of the area by Babar in A. D. 1526. The migration of the Baloch tribes to this area via Kech and Mekran coincided with the time of Babar. They seem to have spread all in the south and west of former Punjab. All the Baloch tribes now occupying the D.G. Khan frontier trace their settlement to this place. 

Thirdly the Mirranis in this way ousted the Nahars from Kin in the south of the district, and the Nahar dominions were reduced to the tract ruled from Sitapur,  the north of the present Rajanpur, and the south of the present Alipur tehsil of Muzaffargarh district. The sway of Mirranis continued till 1700 A.D. 

During the Mughal Empire, Dera Ghazi Khan was an important regional center and served as a gateway to the western regions of the empire. It was also a center for trade and commerce, with merchants from across the region coming to the city to buy and sell goods.

In the 19th century, Dera Ghazi Khan came under the control of the British Empire and was made a district in the Punjab province. The city continued to grow and develop, with the construction of modern infrastructure and the establishment of educational institutions.

Today, Dera Ghazi Khan is a bustling city with a diverse population. It is an important agricultural and industrial center, and is also home to several cultural and historical sites.

Read more about DG Khan Punjab Pakistan….When Nadir Shah invaded in A.D. 1739, he recognized Mirrani as his Governor in Dera Ghazi Khan, not as the Mirani Chief, but his Wazir, and that too insubordination to Nur Muhammad Kalhora, who had submitted to Nadir Shah. The Nahars ruling at Sitpur also fell into decay about the same time. They were expelled during the reign of Nadir Shah by Makhdum Sheikh Rajan. On the slaying of Nadir Shah in A.D. 1747, Ahmad Shah Durrani acquired property and Nur Muhammad Kalhora endure him. In A.D. 1769 Ghulam Shah Kalhora repeatedly assaulted Dera Ghazi Khan and belatedly destitute the Mirrani capacity. The Kalhoras missed their capacity in Sindh in A.D. 1772, when they were compelled out apiece Talpurs, a division of the Leghari families.

The whole of the De-Excluded DG khan Punjab

The area is occupied by various Baloch families. Owing to the ignorance between the ruling class, no annals of their rush in these hillsides appear to have existed written. Only there are Baloch narrations that die from creation to creation. Before partition, this extent was a Special Area, and the allure presidency was under the direct control of the Governor General.

The Tumandara method

was in the current style. Each family formed a Tuman and the allure chief was named Tumandar the one worried excellent. Authoritative capacities and civic and legal cases determined by him under the Frontier Crimes Regulations. After independence these capacities were remote and 3 Political Naib Tehsildars and individual Political, Tehsildars were named to execute lawfulness to all. In 1950, the Special Area was asserted as the De-Excluded Area of the Dera Ghazi Khan section, but no main change in the presidency happen at this moment change of title. Jirgas resumed expected grasped same that were grasped even earlier. The only change that accepted place was that these Jirgas were presided over by the Naib-Tehsildars a suggestion of correction Tumandars. This was a step commotion

continuously accompanying the individual

influence of Tumandars that they controlled over their families in opportunities of British. rule and that the British handled to reach their governmental ends. This further conveyed a step towards the exemption of the Baloch community. The ones under the yoke concerning this age-long tyrannical order. After 1950, belongings continued to occur outside some important change. With the favorable innovation of 1958, Basic Democracies reached into life and the united states congress family was too likely a chance of electing. their legislators to differing levels of the Basic Democracy System.

Tourism Places in DG Khan

History of Fort Munro Fort Munro is a hill station which is located at a height of 6,470 feet above

Fort Munro is a hill station located in Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab, Pakistan. It is situated at an altitude of

The Tomb of Ghazi Khan is a historical monument located in the city of Dera Ghazi Khan, Pakistan. It was

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