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History of Chilas

Chilas is a small town along the famous Karakorum  Highway. It is located at a height of about 3000 feet above sea level at the foot of Nanga Parbat which stands as a wall against the monsoon winds leaving no rain for Chilas.

There are as well 20,000 pieces of rock illustrations and petroglyphs all along the Karakoram Highway in Northern Areas of Pakistan that are condensed at ten important sites ‘tween Hunza and Spatial. The carving was left by miscellaneous trespassers, sellers, and pilgrims who passed ahead the sea lane and by residents. The earliest occur or cause to occur earlier to the middle from two points 5000 and 1000 BC, show distinct animals, trilateral sons, and hunt settings in which the mammals are higher in amount than the chasers. These carvings were pecked into the rock with mineral forms and are dotted accompanying a thick polish that finds their age.

Even later Kashmiri-British rule was dictated a centennial ago, the Indus Valley west of Chilas was a hornet’s nest of minute republics; skilled was individual in practically each side canyon, each nearly guided by a jirga (body of ancestral senior citizens) but efficiently leaderless, all upset and ready to fight in a group and feuding internally. Though administratively lumped accompanying Gilgit, Chilas and allure neighbors are temperamentally more alike to Indus Kohistan, possibly be necessary a likewise truculent atmosphere and the unchanging Sunni Muslim dogma (their predecessors in the family were against one’s will converted particular day or time in the past by Pashtun crusaders.

since barely one northward of Gilgit is Sunni). The immensely mammoth Chilas Fort was first protected to prevent British supply lines over the Babusar Pass and strengthened later local families proximately invade it in 1893. Now a lawman post, it has enclosed Chilas, though not possible the Darel and Tangir Valleys to the west. Chilis are Shina verbalizers, accompanying a few Pashtun settlers verbalizing Pashto. Urdu and a few English are however verbalized.

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